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Wellness, Recovery & Independence

Georgia’s Definition of Recovery

“Recovery is a deeply personal, unique, and self-determined journey through which an individual strives to reach his or her full potential. Persons in recovery improve their health and wellness by taking responsibility in pursuing a fulfilling and contributing life while embracing the difficulties one has faced.
Recovery is not a gift from any system.
Recovery is nurtured by relationships and environments that provide hope, empowerment, choices and responsibilities.
Recovery belongs to the person.
It is a right, and it is the responsibility of us all.”

— as defined by the Georgia Recovery Initiative, 2013

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The Eight Dimensions of Wellness (SAMHSA 2011)

  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Intellectual
  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Financial

How We Support Recovery, Wellness & Independence

Prevention, Education & Outreach

Wellness Events

Helpful Links

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)