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Bulletins & Memos

This section is reserved for information that may impact your practice, such as system downtime, available trainings, online updates, etc…

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Older documents are archived on a regular basis.

Date Title
09.21.2020 New Diagnosis Codes Effective 10/01/2020
09.16.2020 Service Changes in ASO’s Provider Connect System
06.12.2020 AMH private Inpatient Hospital State Hospital Transfers
04.17.2020 Changes for Community Behavioral Health Providers (Nursing Services) UPDATE
03.14.2020 Service Allowances due to COVID-19
01.27.2020 Accountability Court/Treatment Court Services (Phase 1)
01.16.2020 Changes for Community Behavioral Health Providers (Nursing Services)
12.30.2019 Notice 2: Nursing Assessment and Intervention Procedure Code changes
10.23.2019 FY20.Q2 DBHDD System Changes Memo
06.28.2019 FY20.Q1 DBHDD System Changes Memo
06.03.2019 Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL) Referrals and Initial Prior Authorizations (PA)
05.24.2019 AMH Inpatient service Continuing Stay
03.14.2019 AMH State Contracted Inpatient Service Clarification Memo
02.25.2019 Psychological Testing Update Memo
12.27.2018 FY19.Q3 DBHDD Service Changes Memo
10.29.2018 Update: Authorization Transmission to GAMMIS
10.22.2018 Batch Provider Communication: Response Files
10.18.2018 Update: Authorization Transmission to GAMMIS
10.15.2018 New DBHDD Service Definition for State Contracted Beds
10.12.2018 Update: Beacon Authorization Transmissions to GAMMIS
09.25.2018 Provider Communication: Changes to Electronic Claims Submission – Edifecs Implementation
09.20.2018 Memo: Data Submissions
09.13.2018 Provider Communication: Update Beacon Authorization Transmissions to GAMMIS
08.30.2018 Provider Communication: Beacon Authorization Transmissions to GAMMIS 
08.17.2018 FY19 BHQR-CSUQR Quality Review Process 
05.01.2018 FY18.Q3 CSU Return File (MEMO) 2018-05-01