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Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

WRAP is a self-directed plan you can use as a personal guide to daily living. It focuses on self-help, recovery, and long-term stability. Persons in recovery created WRAP. A WRAP begins with a Wellness Toolbox, filled with simple, safe ideas to help you stay well and maintain recovery when the going is hard. Using these wellness tools, a WRAP can also guide you through a process of identifying:

  • What you are like at your best
  • What you need to do every day to stay well
  • Things that may upset you (triggers) and what you can do if these things happen
  • Early warning signs that you are not feeling well and things you can do to help yourself feel better
  • Signs that things are getting worse and things you and/or your supporters can do to help you feel better
  • Signs that you may be experiencing a crisis and things your supporters can do in that situation
  • What to do after a crisis has ended to help you recover your wellness

For more information on WRAP or to order WRAP materials, go to www.mentalhealthrecovery.org

Stamp Out Stigma – Learn about this national campaign to eliminate the stigma of mental illness and addictive diseases

Un WRAP es un plan autodirigido que usted puede utilizar como guía personal para la vida cotidiana. Se concentra en la autoayuda, la recuperación y la estabilidad a largo plazo. WRAP fue creado por personas en recuperación. Un WRAP comienza con una caja de herramientas para el bienestar, llena de ideas simples y seguras para ayudarlo a mantenerse bien y mantener la recuperación cuando tenga dificultades. Al usar estas herramientas para el bienestar, un WRAP puede también guiarlo a través de un proceso de identificar:

Para más información sobre WRAP o para ordenar materiales de WRAP, visite www.mentalhealthrecovery.org

Stamp Out Stigma (Erradicar el estigma): infórmese sobre esta campaña nacional para eliminar el estigma de la salud mental y las enfermedades adictivas.