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Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

WRAP is a self-directed plan you can use as a personal guide to daily living. It focuses on self-help, recovery, and long-term stability. Persons in recovery created WRAP. A WRAP begins with a Wellness Toolbox, filled with simple, safe ideas to help you stay well and maintain recovery when the going is hard. Using these wellness tools, a WRAP can also guide you through a process of identifying:

  • What you are like at your best
  • What you need to do every day to stay well
  • Things that may upset you (triggers) and what you can do if these things happen
  • Early warning signs that you are not feeling well and things you can do to help yourself feel better
  • Signs that things are getting worse and things you and/or your supporters can do to help you feel better
  • Signs that you may be experiencing a crisis and things your supporters can do in that situation
  • What to do after a crisis has ended to help you recover your wellness

For more information on WRAP or to order WRAP materials, go to www.mentalhealthrecovery.org

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